home weather station used by enthusiasts

weather34 weather template is UX

Care taken for UX allows the design to reflect ease of use

Install in 5 minutes easyweather sets up everything..No need to edit raw code <%?*>

Introduction of an easy setup panel to configure personal options

On average each installation takes 5 minutes to complete you only have to do it once

Robert D.. We Love it! Brian Thank you for making it easier and saving me so much time! Guess what? my wife bought us an iPad just for us to use :)

Robert D.., Bakewell,UK

(Screenshot: https://weather34.com )

Works with 95%

weather34 home weather station logo Works with 95% of the popular browsers available today
weather34 home weather station logo Works with 95% of the popular hosted server configurations
weather34 home weather station logo Why not 100% ? if that was possible it would be, but devices used ranging from mobile phones to tv's and the changing world of browsers makes it nigh on impossible to keep up. Server configurations vary from host to host however by default it will work with most .

Brian I think your pushing the boundaries and setting a new standard for us weather enthusiasts, please stick around I really like your work..

@Devan M.., Ohio,USA

Awesome design now in our office on the wall with a Samsung TV ..

@Luke.., Guilford,UK

Probably the best template I have used and I have tried them all over the years. Well done ..

@Jaden M.., Rustenburg,SA

I am a teacher at a small private school in Sarasota, Fl. We have installed weather station hardware and have weewx running on a raspberry pi with a mysql database. We love your weatherstation dashboard and would like to install it on a webhosting service such as ..

@David K.., Sarasota,Fl

Extras for the curious

There are many additional information graphical pop up modules

Forecast, Your weather station historical data ,Sunrise/set,Moonrise/set/Full Moon even Earthquake data for your regional location are a just a few.

Nice template! It’s practical and not complicated. Very easy to use!

@Keith, Michigan,USA

I just wanted to say thank you once again. The new layout is much nicer and far more informative. A lot of time and toil from you :)

@Jenny, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

 weather34 extras weather34 always ready
(Screenshot: Extras and ready)

Compatiable with the popular software & hardware configured by the easy setup screen

Without some of the software developers that creates the popular software Cumulus and Weather Display none of this would be possible

Fully compatiable with Cumulus,Meteobridge(Hardware),Weather Display,
Davis Weatherlink,Ambient WS1001(Clones),Weewx.

Software/hardware is available by there respective developers web sites below
 Cumulus (Free Software) windows osx windows
 Meteobridge (Hardware) windows
 Ambient WS1001 (clones) (Hardware) windows
 Weewx (Open Source Software) python windows osx
 Davis Weatherlink windows osx(Software Requires purchase price varies)
developed by MatsA @github ,written for weather34 template
 Weather Display (Trial Software Requires purchase $60) osx windows

It's nice that people will put it to use and get a great looking display for public viewing.

@Michael H,Relay, Maryland, USA

I've just updated mine, looks seriously nice! :-) Everything is absolutely spot on! warehamwx.co.uk

@Tina, Wareham,UK

weather34 easy setup menu

weather34 on mac desktop

Multiple Languages

(27 languages currently available)

Thanks to Erik Madsen who came up with the idea to support multiple languages

27 Available languages(18-Mar-17) English,Turkish,Dutch,Danish,Czech,Italian
Norwegian,Romanian,Swedish,Russian,Slovak, Hungarian,Slovenian,South American
languages frequently added and updated.


WS1001 DEMO LIVE (Version 3.4G) https://weather34.com
DASHBOARD DEMO LIVE (Version 3.4D) http://lugworld.org/weather/
CUMULUS DEMO LIVE (Version 3.4E) https://warehamwx.co.uk
Custom CUMULUS VERSION DEMO LIVE http://vejr.hornbaekhavn.dk
CLIENTRAW DEMO LIVE (Version 3.4) http://demo.danmaach.dk/index.php
CLIENTRAW ALT LIVE (Version 3.4E) http://paulwilman.com
WEEWX DEMO LIVE (Version 3.4D) http://meteopomarico.it
WXSIM DEMO LIVE (Version 3.4E) http://www.shermanctweather.org
WXSIM ALT LIVE (Version 3.4G) https://www.weerstation-sauwerd.nl/
METEOBRIDGE DEMO LIVE (Version 3.4E) http://ws.nyweather.net
DAVIS WEATHERLINK LIVE (Version 3.4) http://vader.domstensbatklubb.se

At last Brian , one of the choices you made glad you added language support

@Gert, Hilversum,Netherlands

Definitely no other weather template or template presentation can compete with your know how and "good taste" in design..

@Paulo..,Caldas da Rainha,Portugal

(Language Demo: Denmark Demo Website)
(Language Demo: Denmark Demo Website)

Want to discover all the Version 3.4GM features?

Main Clock Format Option Updated (28-Mar-2017)
  - For 34GM ONLY now includes optional 24 hour or 12 hour format display , setup via easyweathersetup.php.

Languages Updated (25-Mar-2017)
  - Spanish,Catalan,Argentine Languages updated by Josep

Updates (25-Mar-2017)
  - Improved WS1001 only trend calculations for barometer(every 3 hours) others (temp,wind,solar 15 minutes)
  - IMPORTANT changes to code to support upcoming PHP 7.2 , template now compatiable from PHP 5.4 to 7.2
  - German language updated by Stefan
  - Dropped support for Cron Job version , non cron job popularity far outweighs and proving the popular choice since release
(Non cron job version 1483 downloads compared to 144 downloads of cron job version since releasing the non crob job version).

Updates (24-Mar-2017)
  - Added weather station online/offline indications (simple checks if software/hardware generated file is older than five minutes)
  - IMPORTANT changes to code to support upcoming PHP 7.2 , template now compatiable from PHP 5.4 to 7.2
  - Portuguese and Brazilians language updated
  - Languages now have English and USA flag options
  - Menu.php is where the languages reside , so easier to remove for those not wanting to use or display languages.

Download Home Weather Station Dashboard
Version 3.4GM NO CRON JOB REQUIRED (3.66mb) (28 March 2017)

Download Home Weather Station Languages
Version 3.4GM - Just replace existing languages folder (133kb) (25 MARCH 2017)