weather34 weather template is Unique

If it was perfect this FAQ wouldn't be required !

FAQ (Install Checks)

1. Check PHP is installed on server
2. Check PHP is 5.3 or higher
3. Check you have FTP access
4. Check server supports FOPEN
5. Check file permissions are changeable(755)

PHP 7 fully is fully supported and developed on

(Screenshot: PHP )

FTP and run Easy Setup Panel

1. Connect to your server via FTP or cpanel file manager
2. Create a directory called "pws" in the root of your web server
3. Upload all contents of the unzipped download to a folder into the directory called "pws"
4. Now open easyweathersetup.php
5. There is no password by default it is essential you create one
6. Study the options and complete all options and save
7. Now test your configuration goto index.php

Filezilla is the most popular client for OSX and Windows


No Data, No forecast , Naff all working :-(

1. Check the path chosen for the realtime file example https://yourwebsite/clientraw.txt
2. Check you have added the correct Weather Undeground API Key (most common mistake)
3. Are file permissions correctly set to 755
4. Are you running PHP 5.3 or higher
5. Read the setup.rtf included in the download
6.Some server configurations do not like relative paths this could mean re-writing a specific code please get in touch if you think this is the problem
7.Support is available in other languages from contributors please get in touch for more info

Double check that easy set up panel options are correct


(Screenshot: Extras)

Configuring the WS1001 AMBIENT Clones tested with latest firmware version 2.3.7 (March 2017)

1. ALL files required to use the WS1001 hardware are included
2. In the folder weatherstation you will find a file called server.ini
3. Edit server.ini in a plain text editor example below and change to your url of template so it would read
4. It will look like this see also screenshot




5. edit and save server.ini
6. connect WS1001 to a windows based machine via a mini USB connector lead
if the WS1001 is connected you will see it available in file explorer as a NAND device simply copy the file over but remember to save the original server.ini on your WS1001 un edited somewhere
7. reboot WS1001 and wait 60 seconds it should now be sending data to your server if you added the correct url .

Remember the big advantage of a WS1001 is? it does not require a PC to be running 24/7 to send data to internet,it is not dependant on third party software

@WS1001, :-)

HTTPS 5 good reasons weather34info it is important

1. Browsers will or have already began starting to flag non-https websites as ‘not secure’
2. If you want SEO performance and ranking then just switch to HTTPS today ignore the sceptics..
3. Your visitors or users deserve the security
4. In the near future you will find that some powerful HTML5 features,such as geolocation,
will be unavailable without a secure connection.
5. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) the ever growing demand for fast mobile friendly sites without HTTPS your website gets flagged non mobile friendly

So if you have not yet added HTTPS to your website, it could be only a matter of time before you have little choice in the matter and choose to ignore you will get left behind.
Think Secure Think Trusted Think Safe
weather34 home weather station logo Here is a good example of weather34 template using https

weather34 just do it weather34 ssl https secure
weather34 https

Choose Web Hosting

Web Hosting like everything these days "you get what you pay for". It is worth paying a little bit more for many reasons, like all hobbies or your interests the enthusiasm can grow and demand some reliability,performance as you get more curious or enthusiastic.

weather34 is not affiliated to any software or hosting company and does not profit or make any gains . resides on a server hosted by ICDSOFT for experience,performance,support and reliability,nothing else.

Reliable Web Hosting is as important as the accuracy of your weather station ,a $30 a year package is just not going to be good enough as you look to expand and use the knowledge you learn or have. $60 to $99 is a good budget per year and you should easily find a suitable host for your weather station or other personal projects etc..But remember to do a bit of homework often you will see $1 dollar a month promotions look ahead,read the small print and see the catch a year later will have a totally different price for the same ..its called marketing for new customers.
Please understand and do some research what shared hosting really means and why it can have a serious performance issue for you ,different host impose limitations,restrictions due to shared hosting capabilities..

weather34 hosting weather34 reliability

My Language is not available

Get in touch if you would like to contribute

27 Available languages(18-March-2017) English,Turkish,Dutch,Danish,Czech,Italian,Portuguese
Norwegian,Romanian,Swedish,Russian,Slovak, Hungarian,Slovenian,South American
languages frequently added and updated.

Credits & Contributors who made it a success!

Special thanks to Eric Rechlin
Brian @ Weather Display
Steve @ Cumulus
Erik Madsen
for Translation idea Denmark
Pat O'Brien
@ O'Brien Labs


Danish Erik Madsen
Dutch Piet Kampen
Spanish/Catalan Josep M
Norwegian Bjørn Langeland
Portuguese Paulo A
Greek Athanasios Tsioukanaras
Turkish Erim Mehmet Eren
Italian MeteoSantAngelo/Meteopomarico
French Pascal Catté
Russian Marian Peteanu
Irish(Gaelic) Marian Peteanu
Swedish Mats Ahlklo
Polish Alek Lesicki
Maori(NZ) Jennifer L. Caughey
Slovenia Marko Kodelja
German Stefan
Czech Vojta Tlusty

Honourable Mentions

Wim Van der Kuil Download Leuven Template
Ken True Download Saratoga Template
@Paul, Komoka,CA
(Language Demo: Denmark Demo Website)
(Thank You: you made it a success)
"Many things shape the user experience. Nothing is more likely to drive users away than a poorly performing website."

Want to discover all the Version 3.4WF features?


Language Update/New Icons (20 May 2017)
  - 5 new weather icons added
  - Danish language updated

New Icons (17 May 2017)
  - 3 new weather iocns added
  - WXSIM icons updated available from icons download page Weather Icons

Download Home Weather Station Dashboard
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Download Home Weather Station Languages
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20th May 2017