Weather34 meets Meteobridge

weather34 meteobridge
What is a Meteobridge ?

Meteobridge is a small unobtrusive HUB(TP-LINK TL-MR3020) that can connect to your supported weather station console or weather station data logger .The meteobridge HUB solution will open up your horizons and offer many ways of distributing your weather station data to other services online or your own personal web site.

Meteobridge provides you a mini USB port to be connected to your router with USB connector if available or a common power adapter used for mobile device charging via a USB socket.

Meteobridge firmware is developed by the company SMARTBEDDED and compiled specifically for weather enthusiasts who do not want to use a computer based software solution (laptop,desktop etc)for connecting there weather station data to services or websites.

further information about the meteobridge and other products available at

weather34 meteobridge tplink mr3020

Setting up couldnt get any easier ?

Setting up with your existing weather station console if supported just couldnt get any easier than this .

Having connected your Meteobridge to your router via a LAN connection and establishing the i.p address assigned by your network or router simply enter in your desktop or laptop browser 192.168.1.xx . The xx would be your assigned last two digits of the ip address

Connect your weather station console to meteobridge via the USB socket on the meteobridge HUB.

Having established connection and now the login screen is available enter your login details by default the user name is meteobridge and password is meteobridge you should change this when setting up for first time.

At the top select the Weather Station tab and if your console is supported and connected you will see a green tick as the recognized device was found . As easy as that !

weather34 meteobridge set up

Lets See some data

Now the meteobridge HUB found your weather station now go and check the data is arriving and being logged via the LIVE DATA tab

How easy was that ? so far we spent aprox 15 minutes to get this far thats pretty good

weather34 meteobridge live data

Lets Fine tune some options
Now back to the weather station tab scrolling down to the bottom we can fine tune some options specific to your requirements *note different options may appear for various weather station hardware consoles and loggers. when finished click save .thats it

weather34 meteobridge options

Send some data to network or your website
At the top choose Weather Network and now you have many options to send your trusted data to various services including weather34 template if you have it installed .Simple click solution the rest is all done for you .

weather34 meteobridge Weather Networks

Endless Possibilites for the weather enthusiast for there website
Back to the top tab section choosing Services we can custom select what extra data we want to provide and display on a personal website or club website etc..We can also create our own custom cron services without the need of external cron job services provided by your host or paid services we can let the meteobridge do everything. Advantage here is no limitations as set by your hosting company or free external cron service..

Meteobridge Control Panel Services

Data on your website
Using the weather34 template with the meteobridge is a good option as the template is designed around the meteobridge options however you can use the other popular templates like Saratoga , Leuven .

weather34 dark theme home weather station template

Pros and Cons


1.Small compact smart appearance.
2.low power consumption.
3.compatiability with numerous popular weather hardware solutions from low cost to high cost.
4.straight forward easy configuration.
5.very well supported by the developer .
6.No computer requirement required after initial setup.
7.Standard meteobridge low cost and far cheaper than using a dedicated computer 24/7.
8.simple way to send data to numerous weather networks or your own website. with all the popular website templates.
10.affordable solution available in many countries.


CANT THINK OF ANY SO FAR !!! can you ?

Meteobridge with Reviewed with Oregon Scientific WMR300
Meteobridge setup through OSX High Sierra and iPad Air 2.
Meteobridge setup with template.

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