Weather34 Stand Alone for OEM Screens,Tablets,Phones
designed with Skeuomorphism


New MB SMART Console (Stand Alone Version)

3rd JANUARY 2020

*Setting Up

1. Download (1.8mb) and unzip standalone version to your desktop.

2. create a folder on your server be it hosted or locally. call it whatever you wish for example console

3. upload the contents(files) of the unziped folder of your desktop to for example console

4. test the uploaded version by typing

5. if uploaded correctly you should see the default appearance.

6. now follow guide below.

7.* note the settings icon in bottom left of the template gives you access to your personal preferences and set the path for the template to read the uploaded data.

Weather34 Setup NANOSD/MB Pro to send data to the Stand alone template
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Finish

Step 1

Setup NANOSD/MB Pro to send data to Standalone template

NANOSD/MB Pro Weather Nets
1. Goto Weather Nets tab as shown below

weather34 step1 setup

Step 2

Now goto Add more Weather Networks

2. Select from the drop down menu HOME WEATHER STATION Weather34

weather34 step1 setup

Step 3

Now in the API url box

3. enter your path for the NANOSD/MB Pro to upload too example
*the critical part is the NANOSD/MB Pro must find the on your domain.

weather34 step1 setup

Step 4

Now set the Upload Interval period

4. Simply click the interval option and choose how frequent you would like to upload data

weather34 step1 setup

Step 5

Now Click Save

5. Double check the first 4 steps and the critical path to mbridge/mb.php

weather34 step1 setup

Step 6

Now Click Live Data Tab

You should now see a green tick in the weather network status indicating successful upload.
If not the likelihood is the incorrect path was typed in the API url of step 3

weather34 step2 setup


*MB SMART version your nearly there now click the link below for NOMYSQL chart setup!

now goto the chart setup simple 3 step guide view here

* FAQ..

1. What is the difference between standalone and version built into the MB-SMART template?
Answer: Stand Alone is designed to be used solely on a tablet or OEM console display .It is a complete slimmed down version which does not require any additonal API keys or other external data it is purely all about your data from your Meteobridge NANOSD or Meteobridge Pro.

2.Can I use it alongside the MB-SMART version?
Answer: There is no point as the design is already built in the MB-SMART version. This is a stand alone design and designed to used purely on a Tablet or Console OEM display.

3.How to setup ?
Answer: Works identical to MB-SMART version so it uses the in built Weather34 API of the meteobridge NANOSD or Meteobridge Pro or you can use a custom built API ( how to coming soon). see above for setup .

4.How to setup Chart Data?
Answer: Again works identical to MB-SMART version so it uses the in built Weather34 API of the meteobridge NANOSD or Meteobridge Pro. see here Chart Setup Guide only difference would be the path to the chartstoday.php and charts-month-year.php for example .

5.Why a stand alone version?
Answer: Many requests to produce something that simply displays data in a clear manner and act as an alternative display to the actual weather station hardware original display. For example many comment Davis console is not an ideal display unless you are permantly sitting in front of it or many find the Davis console is somewhat dated in appearance or hard to read for quick glancing .This design can be used on any tablet display and mounted in a suitable viewing location with ability to change between dark and light mode. see photograph below. .

6.Why another version?
Answer: As above and also this version has a very small footprint , compiled with just relevant data delivered by the original hardware console.

7.Do I really need it as I already use MB-SMART version?
Answer: No simply use the version built into the original MB-SMART.
Answer: Yes if you just want a slimlined down low server resource design and have a clean console display . screenshot below example weather34 is locally using $36 OEM android console display and mounted on a balcony window . .

8.How much does it cost?
Answer: Nothing it is free all weather34 designed work is free , free from being monitized (Monetization) , free from dontationware an often abused phrase with a cover to make money . Weather34 does it for an hobby , weather34 does not put a price tag on time it takes to accomplish , weather34 uses software that is free for MAC OS . Weather34 uses his own personal local hosted server to design on so no additional costs for hosting packages to cover or moan about.
Weather34 also uses ICDSOFT hosting for personal use and other projects not solely for weather34 templates. Lastly you have already probably invested a fair amount of your earned money in your hardware to even consider using this so it is nice not to have to pay out for more and being free the choice is entirely yours to use or not without any obligations at all.

Weather34 has always viewed it has if it does not suit your preferences or you dislike the design you are not stuck for choice as there are other template designs available via the various weather community forums. The choice really is yours .
Please never offer donations or feel you need too the best donation is your constructive feedback to make it better for everyone who decides to use. As always weather34 enjoys collaborating and enjoys the wider perspective often gained from constructive feedback....weather34 ..

9. Huh ! What is Skeuomorphism ?
Skeuomorphism too break it down into layman's terms it is a design interface that uses objects that mimic their real-world counterparts or in this case make the elements more relative for ease of understanding not just to enthusiasts but a wider audience . ! never term humidity in points no one will have a clue what your on about outside enthusiast arena.. being too smart can just confuse everyone if there not on the same page you may just as well talk to a mirror...

weather34 designed
Weather34 designs were created by brian underdown aka weather34 from 2015-2020 with the help of the weather enthusiast community.
Weather34 Meteobridge MB-SMART Version ©2015-2020.MB-SMART is a weather34 designed template
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.