Davis Vantage™ Hardware
Hardware: Davis 6162UK Vantage Pro2+
Additional:Rain Single Spoon (0.2mm)
Additional: UV + Solar Sensor
Installed:572 Days Ago (Sep 7th 2018)
Davis 6162UK Vantage Pro2™ Plus
Davis® Vantage™ Information.
Davis® Information.
Interface Hardware
Interface: Meteobridge
NanoSD Uptime: 87 Days (Jan 5th 2020)
NanoSD Firmware:4.2-2769 (Jan 4th 2020)
Meteobridge NANOSD
NANOSD Information.
Meteobridge Information.
Hardware Power
Console Power
5V  DC
                 ISS Power
Source is a 240V AC TO 5V DC adapter.
ISS solar charged 3V CR123 Lithium.
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